I don’t have too many dreams, I think that you can reject the physical world, the world of things, but when you strive to get something for yourself, you will learn a lot of new and interesting things . There is a sofa for sitting in the living room and everything is fine with it, but for yourself I wanted something special. As a result, I came across an unfamiliar word, recliner. In short, this is such a big chair, you cannot sleep in it (in theory you can, of course), but it is ideal for watching movies, playing games, meditating. The back falls, the lower part rises, that is it is possible to be placed with big convenience! There are double recliners, where you can sit next to each other, there are modular recliners, when you can easily create a whole sofa for yourself. There are recliners-sofas, where either the whole back or separate sections move. There are recliners, where the mechanism is driven by user manipulations, that is, you have to pull the handle, there are recliners with electric drive. In short, the recliner is a very good topic for the player in the console. And yet - there are rocking chairs, recliners! Then I just give up and am willing to pay what they say. Some recliners even have cupholders - by the way, well, why not, because you need to put bottles or a smartphone somewhere. Some have a stand under their feet separately, it seems to me that this is not the best option, it is better to immediately take a decision all in one. A retractable footrest allows you to relax your leg muscles. This is important for people who spend all day in active actions, and for those who are constantly sitting at the computer. The ability to stretch your legs, relax your knees and feet is priceless, especially if the end of the working day has not yet come. Recliner is a great gift for the elderly. The angle of inclination of the head restraint is adjusted according to your wishes. You can work, read, watch TV or just doze off in comfort. The chair reduces the load on the cervical vertebrae, maintaining the optimum position for you. When unfolded, the headrest replaces the orthopedic pillow. Often the recliner is located on a rotating base. This is especially convenient for work. So a person can reach any thing without getting up from the chair. Sometimes this furniture is equipped with gliders. A special lever located on the side of the product turns the model into a rocking chair for a second. The support for legs rises, the back slightly deviate back. Dimensional swinging under the melodic music - the perfect option for complete relaxation.
A set of additional features is also wide. The chair can be equipped with several massage programs (some types have up to 40 modes). Heated seats will appreciate those who have to work in a cold room. The cooling mechanism of beverages, on the contrary, will delight on a hot day. Built-in audio system - for music lovers.